Firm Registration

§1705. Limited Liability Companies

A. The practice of architecture by limited liability companies is only permissible when lawfully constituted under the laws pertaining to limited liability companies, R.S. 12:1301 et seq.

B. No person, firm, partnership, corporation, or group of persons shall solicit, offer, execute, or perform architectural services in this state as a limited liability company without first receiving a certificate from the board authorizing the limited liability company to do so.

C. A limited liability company soliciting, offering, contracting to perform, or performing the practice of architecture shall be subject to the discipline of the board and to its authority to adopt rules and regulations governing the practice of architecture.

D. Any person seeking to be certified to practice architecture as a limited liability company shall request in writing an application to do so from the office of the board. The request shall state the name of the proposed limited liability company. The applicant is required to complete said application fully and return same to the executive director. Upon receipt of such application and the fee, the board shall either approve said application and certify the limited liability company as authorized to practice architecture or disapprove said application advising the applicant of the reasons therefor.

E. Only a person who is presently licensed by the board pursuant to the provisions of R.S. 37:141 through R.S. 37:158, who is in compliance with said provisions, who is a full-time active employee of the limited liability company, and whose primary occupation is with that limited liability company may be designated as a supervising professional architect.

F. By designating an architect as a supervising professional architect, the limited liability company authorizes that architect to appear for and act on behalf of the limited liability company in connection with the execution and performance of all contracts to provide architectural services.

G. In the event that such registered supervising professional architect ceases being a full-time active employee of the limited liability company or no longer employed by the limited liability company on a primary basis, the authority of the limited liability company to practice architecture is suspended until such time as the limited liability company designates another supervising professional architect pursuant to §1705.E above.

H. The designated supervising professional architect is responsible to this board for all acts and conduct of such limited liability company.

I. It will be the responsibility of all architects named in an application to be certified as a limited liability company to advise the board of any organizational change that would relate to the authority granted under this rule. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action leading to suspension, revocation, or rescission of the registrants' license.